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About 1.5 million people of Bangladesh whatever may be the reasons are reportedly Deaf & Hearing Impaired. The nation can not thrive properly keeping these disabled people on the side track. Hicare is working with a view to train the Deaf & Hearing Impaired children to learn to speak with an ultimate goal to integrate them to the mainstream education system. Hicare, a society for education and care of hearing impaired children of Bangladesh was established in 1980.

Hicare embarked upon to do something for these hearing impaired children and established 11 Hicare schools and 4 hearing centers phase by phase at different places of Bangladesh for providing them speech and education with all sorts of audiological tests and supply of hearing aids and accessories.

Since inception of the schools many Deaf & Hearing Impaired children got admission of which a large proportion has integrated to main stream education. Some of them are in college / university for higher education and a good no. of them have established in the society as useful citizen like architects, information technologists, Quran E Hafiz, Masters in different subjects etc.

To let the hearing impaired children integrated to the society through attaining speech and education  is the  milestone of Hicare. Without Hicare’s help these students would have remained dumb and mute for ever being burden on the family/society/country.

These few Schools and Hearing Centers are insufficient to meet the requirement of the nation. Hicare has plans to establish more schools and hearing centres; but for lack of awareness amongst the common people about the problem and for fund constraints it was not possible to proceed further to implement the plans. Hicare wants to tackle the deserving need if funds and positive response are available from local enthusiasts and/or govt. and non govt. organisations.

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