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Main Objectives 

The main objectives of Hicare, inter alia, are : 
  1. Organize pre-school training for the Hearing Impaired children of age between two and a half years to ten years to learn oral language so that at a later stage they can be integrated in normal schools for proper rehabilitation in society.

  2. Providing facilities for all kinds of audiological tests, supply of hearing aids, ear mould, repairing services etc.

  3. Running a Teacher’s Training Centre for untrained teachers of Hicare & other such schools for auditory oral education under supervision and guidance of experienced and qualified Trainers. Refresher course on oral education and on audiology for trained personnel to update their knowledge & skills are also conducted under the same management. Ms. Monica J. Tomlin(MBE), a hearing expert from UK who was instrumental for establishing Hicare, occasionally visits Bangladesh to supervise and guide the training program.

  4.  Providing parents classes in each school at least once a week to offer moral support, guidance and counseling necessary for hearing impaired children while at home.

  5. Holding camps for early intervention, creating awareness and suggest recommendations for hearing impaired people.

  6. Yearly get-together of parents/guardians/well wishers in each school to know each other and exchange views & opinions for smooth running of the schools.


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