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Organisational Structure

Structure and network of the Organisation : 

Hicare Society:

The Society is run by a thirteen member Executive Committee consisting of one Chairman, four vice-chairman, one Secretary General, one Treasurer, one Joint Secretary General and five members. All EC members are elected in Annual General Meeting by the members of the Society & final approval of the Executive Committee is given by Social Welfare Directorate, Government of Bangladesh.

Management of Hicare School:

Each Hicare school has a Management Committee consisting of one Chairman, two vice-chairman, one Member Secretary, one Treasurer and six members formed  as per guide lines described in Hicare Constitution approved by the Directorate of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh. Of the members, one is selected from the teachers of the school. Others are elected in annual general meeting of the schools by general members and guardians/parents of the ex & present students of the schools. The School Management Committee runs the school according to the guidelines given by the Hicare Society. Hicare Society oversees for monitoring and evaluating the administrative and financial activities of all schools and hearing centers.  







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